Mis-Made Lady


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This effect was inspired by Jack Hughes’ Skeleton in the Cupboard, with a different presentation theme of a mis-made lady (as in the popular stage illusion) instead of a skeleton.

Effect: The performer displays three blocks, which when correctly placed one on top of the other form the picture of a lady, and a rectangular tube which just fits over the blocks. The blocks are placed inside the tube in the correct order, but when the tube is lifted, they appear mixed up, with the head where the torso should be, and so on. This is repeated a couple of times.

Finally the head block is placed under a handkerchief, and the torso and leg blocks placed in the tube. The head vanishes from the handkerchief, and when the tube is lifted the complete lady is found under the tube!

The effect can be presented as the poor magician’s version of the famous Mis-made Lady illusion. It has more universal appeal than the Skeleton theme.

We supply you the rectangular tube, all the required blocks that make up the lady, and a “Devil’s Napkin” for vanishing the head block.

Note: The Devil’s Napkin is a magic utility prop that can be used with many other magic effects, and comes with ideas for several other applications, besides this routine.