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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. The pencil and gimmick are not included.  You receive the 29 page “Misled” instructional booklet only. If you own the pencil and special gimmick but have lost your instructions this booklet would be for you.

Effect: A bill is borrowed from a member of the audience. The borrowed bill may be marked for later identification if desired.

Now you proceed to use a pencil to pierce a hole in the center of the bill. There’s no doubt that the pencil is truly through the bill. Watch the audience gasp (especially the bill’s owner) at what happens next as you rip the pencil through the bill. The audience clearly sees the pencil rip through the bill and they can hear the sound of paper ripping as well.  Yet, somehow the bill is left completely unharmed!

You offer to repeat the effect, this time the pencil mysteriously melts completely through the bill in slow motion. This looks totally unbelievable!

Both the pencil and the bill may then be handed out for complete examination.