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Acquired this from an old magic estate buyout. Instructions written by Phil Goldstein, illustrations by Ton Onosaka. Copyright 1992 by Magic Land in Japan.

The cards have never been used but the original tube of temporary adhesive and small plastic spreader originally supplied are missing. With all the different types of adhesives on the market today we are sure something can be found to work with the effect. The spreader was nothing more than a small piece of plastic shaped like a small knife.

Effect: The magician offers to show a demonstration of MTV – which of course stands for “Magic Television.” Several cards are display each bearing a picture of a TV set with a blank screen. On the back of each card is (what else?), a picture of the back of a TV set.

The spectator signs one of the TV cards on both sides, and the card is placed on the table, screen-side down. A deck of playing cards is now introduced, and one is selected by the spectator. The performer gives the spectator a card bearing an illustration of an unusual “remote control” device: Instead of having channel numbers its buttons are labeled with card values and suits. The spectator is told to aim the remote unit toward the tabled card, and to enter the information about the chosen playing card by pressing the appropriate buttons.

This done, the tabled card is turned over. It is still signed on both sides, but now there is an image on the formerly blank TV screen…the chosen card. Not only that but the image is actually printed as part of the picture, and the card may be given to the participant as a souvenir.