Mystery Action Blocks aka Jacob’s Ladder (On Card)


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This fun and engaging toy is both educational and therapeutic. Jacob’s Ladder is a colorful version of a classic toy that will provide hours of imaginative fun. The Jacob’s Ladder makes use of a timeless optical illusion to enchant and confound children and adults alike.

To set the toy in motion, hold the top block with the single ribbon facing outward. Rotate the wrist forward and backward and watch the blocks fall.

This historical folk toy has been popular since the days of Colonial America. Also known as “Tumbling Blocks” the Jacob’s Ladder was known as a ‘”Sunday Toy” as it was one of only a few toys that children were permitted to play with on Sundays.

Now your children (or you) can enjoy the same toy that entertained and baffled children and adults, down through the centuries.

Sturdy construction holds up under hours of play.

Constructed of 2″ wide by 2-1/2″ long plastic blocks and colorful ribbon.