Napkin Folding (Tom Osborne)


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This is not to be considered an encyclopedia on napkin folding, it is the fulfillment of the author’s desire to preserve for the future some of the most interesting of the napkin folds with his own illustrations and descriptions. These folds have been gathered from all over the world. Some are the author’s creation, but the majority of them appear to be the “Property of Public Domain”, and of this latter group the author has made an honest effort to trace the origin of the different folds, and in every case they seem to be lost in antiquity.

This is the second edition by the author on the subject. The first one was titled: “Fun At Dinner With Napkin Folds,” and the distinguished honor of receiving the Genii Award greeted the first edition. The Genii is a magician’s magazine dealing with kindred arts, and Mr. William Larsen, the editor, is one well versed in the art of entertainment, and it is not surprising that he at once recognized the value of the book for future generations.

Product description: This book contains entertaining stunts with napkins. For fun at the dinner table, and for stage and club shows. More than you ever knew could be done with a common cloth napkin!

Includes the following folds:

The Brassiere
The Cradle
The Mouse
The Dancer
Old Fashioned Girl
The Hindu
The Rabbit
Basket Rosette
Finger Marionette
The Tulip
The Rose Bud
Candle Stick Holder
The Bouquet
Susie Q
Gordian Knot
Baby Chick
The Turkey
The Sister
Crying Baby
The Parasol
Napkin Roll
King’s Crown
The Standing Napkin

A soft cover book, staple bound, that is well illustrated and contains forty-eight pages.