Nearly Unpublished by David Ginn


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Pre-owned from a magician’s estate purchase. A light smudge near the upper left hand corner of the front cover; otherwise the book is in very good to like-new condition throughout.

Soft covers; staple bound; 56 pages; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″.

First edition; April 1, 1989.

More live show kid and stage material from a working pro: Clap Hands Warm-up, World’s Fastest Silk Production, Magic Drawing Board, Light that Heals, Baby Pictures, Brainwave Rocks, Big Band Music, Dollar Mine, Dissolving Knot, Rabbit Leap, Covering Snakes, Which Movie? Full Routine, Impact of the Moment. David’s first book in the “unpublished” series includes funny kidshow magic and more: Confusing Wands, Blooming Bouquet, Sport Coat Warm-up, Magic Chalk, Sucker Turn-Arounds, Money from Hands, Toss-up Cane, Farmyard Frolics, Coke Bottle, and Bananas/Hog Dogs. A secret rabbit production included, never shown in lectures!

All this from David’s 1985-88 shows. Over 35 items in 56 pages.