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Second edition, 1946 by Mitchell Kanter. Softcover, staple bound, 44 pages plus four pages of advertising at the back. Good condition, spine intact.

Novel Magic” was the legendary Lu Brent’s first book and it lives up to its title. It contains two dozen novel effects, many with clever twists. Highlights include Lu Brent’s famous Torn Magazine Cover, Coin Thru Cut and Restored Handkerchief, a seemingly impossible transposition of a tumbler with a silk from one paper bag to another (Here, Bango! There!), The Surprise Reverse Card and Cigarette – a terrific method for the torn corner dodge where all of the pieces (except the missing corner) are restored while held by a spectator, Oh! My Hat! – a 100% practical glass thru hat you can perform impromptu, a matchbox monte routine (He Watches the Matches), The Flighty Cigar Band – after removing the band from your lit cigar and burning or otherwise vanishing it – it magically reappears on the cigar, a Passe Passe cigarette pack and box of matches, and more from one of magic’s cleverest innovators.


1 A Word With You (Lu Brent)
5 A Waste Paper Basket: Idea for torn newspaper effects
5 A Simple Coin Vanish: Trouser leg with a twist
6 Coin Thru Cut and Restored Handkerchief: Coin passed thru cut, and handkerchief is restored
7 The Wisenheimer Magnetic Wand: Wand clings to the hand
9 The Flighty Cigar Band: Cigar band is tossed away and reappears
10 Matches of Jinx: One match turns to several
11 A Match Box Melange: Bill to match box
13 He Watches the Matches: Monte style effect with match boxes 14 The Protean Pack O’Cigs: Cigarette pack changes brands 4 times
15 The Unlucky Strike: Another Monte style effect with cig packs in paper bags
17 Traveling Cigarettes and Matches: Cigarette pack and matches change places
19 A Silken Adventure: Silk & confetti
20 Here, Bango! There!: Glass and silk vanish from one paper bag and are extracted from another
21 The Drum-Head Glass: Glass is covered by tissue, yet a silk is removed
22 Glass Through Hat (Oh! My Hat!): Glass & confetti with borrowed hat
23 Straw Hats: Version of Chinese Rice Bowls done with hats
25 The Torn Magazine Cover: Of Saturday Evening Post size
27 The Surprise Reverse Torn Card and Cigarette Trick: Missing piece of torn card is found in a cigarette
29 Watch-Ho!: Pocket-watch manipulation act while wearing gloves
32 Your Tips: Idea for using a TT with gloves
33 A Test for Cigarettes. Method No. 1: Magician determines brand of cigarette by smelling the smoke (assistant required)
35 A Test for Cigarettes. Method No. 2: Another version
36 Can You Imagine: Spectator acts as the magician in this card effect
37 A Fantasy in Smoke: A complete cigarette act while wearing gloves
40 Gagging the Sucker: Comedy card divination
41 Just a Shadow: No workings, just an idea for a magic stage illusion
42 Jealousy of Time: A giant clock escape for stage (general solution described)