Obedient Silks (Viking Mfg.)


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Stuart Judah’s classic effect now brought to you by Viking Mfg.

Effect: The performer displays a simple black ribbon approximately three feet in length. Attached to this ribbon are four eighteen inch silk handkerchiefs, each a different color. The spectator is asked to merely think of one of the colored silks. The ribbon is shaken to prove that the silks are attached to it, yet immediately afterward, without any perceivable movement on the performer’s part, the chosen silk handkerchief falls free of the ribbon!

This can be repeated with a second choice if desired. Or, magically, all but one handkerchief falls free of the ribbon, leaving the chosen silk still attached to ribbon!

You are supplied with a top quality prop, hand sewn with the necessary gimmicks in place to make this a simple yet magical effect. Included are four, eighteen inch silk handkerchiefs (colors are our choice) and complete detailed instructions.