Passe Passe Pepsi Can and Glass (Vintage)


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Effect: A Pepsi can and plastic glass are shown and then they are each covered with a tube. A magical gesture is made and when the tubes are removed, the glass and can have changed places! The tubes are placed back over the can and glass, another magical gesture is made, and when the tubes are removed, the can and glass are back in their original positions! This effect can be repeated over and over!

This is a vintage pre-owned effect we picked up at an old magician’s estate buy-out. It’s in good working condition and comes with instructions. One of the vintage Pepsi cans has some small dents and scratches to its surface near the bottom section. But performing from a short distance the faults will not be easily noticed if at all. You can not be perform this trick close-up anyway as you must not let the audience have a view into the top of the tubes. Ideally, the audience should be seated while you are standing at your working surface.