Premium Himber Wallet (Viking Mfg.)


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Viking’s Premium Himber Wallet comes in two sizes: Standard and Pocket version!

This is the STANDARD SIZE.

Every performer should have a Himber type wallet. This wallet is one of the most powerful props in magic and a must-have prop for the professional magician or mentalist.

With this wonderful wallet you can produce, vanish or switch different flat objects in a natural way and in front of the spectator eyes. The uses of this wallet are unlimited, you can perform routines with cards, bills, envelopes, billets, etc.

Great for use in close-up magic, parlor magic, or mentalism. It is expertly made with the finest quality leather.

Vikings Standard Himber Wallet measures 7-1/4 inches by 3-5/8 inches.

All Viking wallets are made of top quality split leathers, hand crafted with their  signature ‘pebble finish’. You may see competing wallets at double the price but do not be fooled. Viking wallets will stand up to any of them and in most cases there’s are half the cost and twice the quality!

BONUS: We are now including a fantastic routine that if sold separately would be worth the price of the wallet. We will not tip it here, but we guarantee you will be blown away. This routine will only work with the standard size wallet.