Quad-Rope-Lets (Hen Fetsch)


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Many have referred to QUAD-ROPE-LETS as one of the finest rope routines ever invented! Once a staple In many professional magician’s acts, this Hen Fetsch miracle has long been unavailable. Our hats off to Elmwood Magic who have gone to great lengths to bring this remarkable routine back to the world of magic and at the highest level of quality. It’s guaranteed to produce surprise and applause from any audience! Three ropes, each of a different length, visibly stretch and shrink to become equal! One rope is placed aside, while the other two visibly transform Into one long rope! The rope placed aside is now openly stretched until it matches the length of the long rope! Finally, in a startling climax, the two long ropes blend into a single rope measuring six feet in length! Each set has been hand made in high quality rope. The rope Is bright white and measures 3/8″ wide. The instructions are highly detailed with full color photographs covering every aspect of the routine plus additional handling ideas and tips. Whether you’re performing for five people or five hundred, QUAD-ROPE-LETS will easily become a feature In your act!