Brass Reel – Large (India)


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With this clever device you can present one of the most beautiful effects in all silk magic! You show a twenty-four inch silk and twist it rope fashion. A genuine knot is openly tied in the center of the silk. Holding the silk at one corner by your fingertips, suddenly, slowly, the lower corner of the silk moves upward and gracefully glides through the knot, untying itself. It looks like real magic, but it’s REEL Magic!

With this same secret gimmick you can cause a silk handkerchief to visually penetrate a microphone stand or a large diameter ring.

You can also cause a playing card to rise from the deck, and lots more!

Check out the books “Reel Magic” by Albenice and “Reels” from the Magic City Library of Magic for lots more info, upkeep, and routines using the reel. Both books can be found on this website under the New Books category link.

You receive the nicely constructed brass reel and instructions only. No silk supplied.