Rising Cards Deck – Red Backs (Bicycle)


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If you’ve ever wanted to do a close-up impromptu version of the famous Rising Cards effect without the usual threads, wires, or other cumbersome apparatus, then look no further! This Rising Cards Deck is perfect for this type of presentation!

Have one to three cards, or more if you wish, freely selected and returned to the deck. Each card now rises from the center of the deck which is held in the magician’s hand. It looks really amazing and they’ll talk about this one long after other mysteries you perform. If you wish the cards can rise from the deck while inside a glass. Or for a real shocker, leave the deck inside its case, and hand it to any spectator and have the card rise from the deck while it is being held in the spectator’s own hands!

Super clean! The ingenious gimmick comes with a deck of Bicycle poker-size cards, but can be added to any other poker-size deck you prefer. You’ll love working with this wonderful Rising Card Deck!

Please note that there is no forcing involved with this method and the selected cards can be signed by the spectators if you wish.