Robert Heller: Music and Mystery (Frank Koval)

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Copyright, Frank Koval, 1985. Soft covers, staple bound, 20 pages. Excellent like-new condition. This is number 51 in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies each signed by the author.

One of the greatest international stage magicians of all time was born on August 10, 1829, in Faversham, Kent. He was William Henry Ridout Palmer, son of Henry and Janette Palmer, according to the baptismal record at the Vicarage, Faversham. William was later to achieve great fame in America using the stage-name of Robert Heller – so much so that even now he is still revered as the “father” of modern magic in the USA.

Doctor A. M Wilson, editor of the Sphinx for many years, wrote: “What Robert-Houdin was to magic in Europe, Robert Heller was to the United States!