School Capers (Supreme Magic) Mint, Never Used


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We acquired this from an old magic shop buy-out. It is new old stock, never used. Comes with the original instructions.

Here’s a perfect gem of a sucker trick that will make them laugh and shout!

Effect: Briefly, the word RED is shown, written in white on a small blackboard. The board is covered over with a cloth and, quite obviously, turned around. When the board is uncovered, the RED really is RED for the writing is now in a vivid hue. The board is again covered, and again reversed, and this time the writing changes back to white.

This business can be repeated at the performer’s discretion, but by this time there should be no doubt in the audience’s mind as to “how it’s done”. Soon the cry goes up to “turn it around”. After some lovely sucker gags that add to the hilarity and increases the audience’s conviction that their suspicions are correct, the back of the board is eventually shown.

A big surprise! For there, accounting for the performer’s reluctance to show it, is a funny picture of the school-mistress to whom the trick was shown!