Shock Calculator – Practical Joke


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Place this Fake Shock Calculator down on a table when nobody is looking. Or, just offer it to that person who always wants to play with your calculator. Enjoy the fun when your unsuspecting victim attempts to use the Shock Calculator and gets a shock! A powerful harmless shock goes through their fingers – not enough to hurt, just enough to freak ’em out!

Quite realistic looking!
Get your work buddies!
Shock your family!
Your friends are going to love this!

This trick will work every time. You’ll never stop laughing! Everyone will want one! Makes for a great gift!

Great joke at the office! Perfect for just about anyone! Just leave it anywhere. No one will suspect anything and then ZAP!!!!!!!!

Warning: This is a novelty gift item and is not intended to be used as a toy. This item emits an electrical shock. May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers. Do not use, or allow anyone to use, this Shock Calculator if you suffer, or believe they may suffer, from epilepsy / heart conditions or any similar or related illness. Not recommended for minors without adult supervision or children under 3 years of age. This is not a real calculator. It is a shock gag only.

Shock Calculator measures 4-1/2″ tall by 2-1/2″ wide.

Uses one AAA battery (Not Included)