Singles, Multiples and Jumbos (Charles “Chazini” Leach)


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This book has two primary qualities: the sculptures vary; there are one, multi, and jumbo balloon sculptures  (thus the title of the book); and all the sculptures look like what they are supposed to be. They have also been audience tested many times.

You will not find any basic, beginning sculptures or more complex ones. Rather, the author picked sculptures that, handled by a decent performer, are very entertaining for an audience. As with many sculptures and gags, they have to be tried to be believed.

Because the author assumes that the reader will have at least a modest amount of balloon sculpturing knowledge, the instructions for inflating, tying, twisting, etc. are brief.

Twenty-eight items explained. You’ll learn to make the pig, frog, small swan, large swan, monkey, penguin, octopus, jumbo alligator, and lots more!

Soft covers, tape bound, 13 pages, 8-1/2″ X 11″

Pre-owned, good condition.