Spiral Blendo (Magic Hands)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Very nice pre-owned condition and it comes with the original instructions. Comes with everything as originally sold. The 36 inch silk is in wonderful condition; no rips, thin areas, or water stains. The only thing we could find was a very small light semi-circular mark a little above the “The Magic Hands” imprint. It is hardly noticeable and if you did not see it in the first picture showing the full opened Spiral Blendo silk neither will your audience.

Magic Hands in Germany was well known for their high quality silks, and this beautiful Blendo set is no exception. Effect: Four different color 18″ silks are shown to be completely separate. The silks are tied together and in an instant the performer causes them to magically blend into one large 36″ square spiral silk! The large silk is shown on both sides to clearly show that the four smaller silks are gone. The silks all have that characteristic black-thread hem, which is a trademark of Magic Hands. The large silk has the magic hands name on it.