Sponge Ball Manipulation (Audley V. Walsh) 1940 Edition Revised & Enlarged


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Note: This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Not in the best of condition but still a great reading copy. The covers and pages are lightly toned from age and there are some scotch tape repairs to the center of the covers and the interior pages near the spine area. This edition has the page size of 8-1/2 x 11 inches.

Audley Walsh teaches you two wonderful routines including script (“The Big Bad Wolf And The Three Little Pigs” and “Time Marches Onward”) plus a set of sponge ball moves. He uses a bell which he and the spectator ring several times during the routine. This is a very interesting idea for misdirection as well as camouflaging moves and palms.

The moves you will learn are:

Finger palm or finger pinch
Finger pinch with two sponge balls
Pick up
Ring the bell
Thimble move

This work was first published in 1936 with eight pages. This revised and enlarged 1940’s edition has twelve pages.