Strictly Visuals Two by David Ginn 1st Edition 1st Printing 1973


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Pre-owned; like-new condition; soft covers; staple bound; 34 pages; page size: 5-1/2 inches by 8-1/4 inches.

Comments: Tricks, routines, tips and ideas used and tested in hundreds of live performances and on television

Contents include:

Foreword (David Ginn)
Photos: three B&W photos of David Ginn on stage
One Hand Tissues to Silk
Balloon to Cane
Fleurs-De-Silks: two silks to flowers
Duke’s Dye-Version Variation: idea
Appearing Egg to Silk: using L’Eggs pantyhose egg
No Time Handkerchief Trick: quickie trick
Comedy Card Production: add to a card fan routine
Instant Card Fans: ides for concluding the routine
Silk Idea: silk production
Paper Production Opener: idea
Things Go Better With Coke: bottle production
Card Fan Steal With Silk
Bobbie Pin Silk Clip: utility
Silk Fountain From Hat
Lightning Rope Restoration: cut and restored
Easy T & R Tissue
The Jewel Can: using Posgate’s Cascading Jewels & Abbott’s Cage Transformation props
Mark’s Bouquet Production (Mark Merchant)
Where Is The Money?: money production, paper to money, and more
Shower Girl Illusion: for stage