Subtlety and Utility In Magic (Phoa Yan Tiong) Signed


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World class magician Phoa Yan Tiong shares a dozen stunning visual, artistic effects with silks, rings, ropes, coins, and more from his professional repertoire in this now rare, 28-page illustrated booklet. If you work for real people, don’t miss this one!

Contents include:

SPLIT SILKS – A silk handkerchief is pulled though the hand and a second one appears in a different color.

NEW CUT & RESTORED SILK – A long-time marketed effect that was featured by Doug Henning. This streamlined version eliminates the need for a second silk! Can be performed with any cloth handkerchief, not just a magic silk.

A DELAYED PRODUCTION – Tiong’s special way of folding a 36″ silk that facilitates a second steal of another object.

A CHINESE RELEASE – A pretty interlude with a knotted silk and a solid linking ring.

CUT & RESTORED ROPE FINALE – After a rope is cut in two (per standard handling), the knot visually vanishes when you pull on the ends of the rope. The rope may be immediately handed out for examination. No wrapping the rope around the hand and woofle dust business!

THE HAUNTED HANDKERCHIEF – A silk floats from one fingertip to the other and finally it stands upright in the air. A solid hoop is then passed over it. A beautiful effect made possible by a very clever gimmick that doesn’t involve thread!

SUCKER TORN & RESTORED PAPER NAPKIN – Close-up handling for this classic effect.

COIN FROM BILL VANISH – Tiong’s own version of the coin fold where the coin can be felt just before the vanish!

CHIPOLATA – Confetti inside a clear bag visibly diminshes in volume and reappears inside a previously shown empty prop (Japanese Box), which is then fanned into the air a la “Snowstorm in China”.

MULTIPLE BARE-HANDED SILK PRODUCTION – Tiong’s method of producing three different color silks, one at a time, from the hands.

FLYING SILK – A silk vanishes from a paper cone and reappears inside a clear tumbler previously shown empty and covered with a paper napkin. Ultra clean, professional handling that looks like real magic.

THE RING OF MONTE CRISTO – A ring vanishes from inside a knot tied in a handkerchief and can be reproduced from wherever you like. Plus, everything can be borrowed!

Soft covers; staple bound; page size: 6-1/2 by 8-1/4 inches; signed on front cover; last blank page has some writing in ink.