Suds Presents How To Do Instant Impressions


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Very good pre-owned condition.

Soft covers, staple bound, 32 pages.

Collected by Frank Herman.

Published by Suds, Moreno Valley, California

So you can’t sing, dance, do card tricks or play a musical instrument? Just pick out five
or six of the easy-to-do stunts in this book and you will score big at the next party, bash
or orgy.

No talent….you say. Have you ever picked up two beer bottles, held them to your eyes
like binoculars and shouted, “They’re off!”? When you were a little tyke, did you straddle a broom and gallop like a cowboy? This is all the skill you’ll need to get big laughs with the material in this book.

This is truly “portable” fun and frolic that can be used anywhere. A great many of them
can be performed sitting at a table. Since most of the material in this book is rated
“G,” you will find many items that will also titilate the moppet and teenage group. What a great way to inject fun in your life and bridge the generation gap!