The Best In Magic (Bruce Elliott)


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This is a pre-owned hard cover library book without a dust jacket. The library stamp can be seen on the edges of the top and bottom pages when the book is closed.  Also on the area opposite the spine. The interior pages are all good without any damage that we can see. Still a great reading copy. This is an original first edition dated 1956 and published by Harper and Row, Inc. Has 244 pages.

One of the most popular experts writing on magic today here presents over a hundred brand-new tricks. They are subtle, easy to do, and require little or no apparatus. The inventions of some of our greatest magicians, these are sleights that involve a minimum of practice but achieve a maximum of effect. Here are card tricks that are almost fool-proof, and others that require some skill and more practice. Sleights for close-up performing, where the magic takes place right under the noses of the audience, and tricks with paper-folding, an ancient art adapted to modern magic, are outlined and shown in diagrams.

The author also includes tricks with coins and paper-money, rings, ropes and silks. Mr. Elliott reveals how the ‘expert’ at the card table operates; and he exposes the secrets of ‘mind-reading’. The final section of the book offers several routines that incorporate a series of deceptions, particularly useful for the amateur magician who expects some time to be on stage. Sixty-eight full pages of how-to-do-it line drawings illustrate these tricks.”

Bruce Elliott wrote a series of books, (largely taking the material from his magazine “THE PHOENIX”) in which he teaches professional level magic tricks to the amateur. This caused no small amount of dissension in the ‘Magic’ community when the books were published in the 50’s and 60’s. But the net result is that many hobbyists had access to well routined effects at a bargain (book) price.

This is still a great book for pro or dedicated amateurs even in our digital age. Highly recommended!

Recommended by David Roth, Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Master in Residence.