The Birthday Present (Ickle Pickle)


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This is a pre-owned item that is in good working and cosmetic condition. Comes with the original instructions and everything needed to perform. The front of the clear Plexiglas window has a few small scuffs from previous use but nothing all that bad. This is a very nice effect for the kid-show performer.

Effect: Three different colored presents are shown: a red, a green and a yellow. All three are placed in a Plexiglas frame. The front of the frame is opaque; the back of the frame is clear Plexiglas. The audience sees the front of the frame as two present cards are pulled from the frame: the red and the yellow.

The audience is told the green present has vanished. The frame is turned around so the audience sees the back of one card that is still in the frame. The card is taken out of the frame and turned around and it reads: GONE!

The green present is reproduced elsewhere!