The Chipmunks (Vintage Kid’s Magic)


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This is a pre-owned effect that comes with the original instructions. It’s in good usable condition. The original mini and flat harmonica that was supplied with the trick is missing (it’s the way we acquired the trick) but we will supply a different type miniature harmonica that must be attached to the back of the Alvin Card that is reproduced from inside your jacket.

Basic Children’s Version: Three chipmunks (Alvin, Theodore and Simon) are shown on both sides. Theodore and Simon are put into the school house (a red folder with the picture of a school house on front). Then Alvin goes into the school house as well. Theodore and Simon are removed one at a time and shown on both sides. The folder is now shown empty, but the audience has caught a glimpse of a card in the folder and believe it is Alvin, even though you say he’s gone. You remove the suspected card from the folder and it says “TEACHER”. The folder is shown on all sides and put down. The “TEACHER” card is shown this way and that way, but the audience wants to see the other side. When the card is turned over it says “NO SCHOOL TOMORROW”. Where is Alvin? You open your coat and show Alvin hanging on the inside of your coat. He is removed and since he is on a “playing card” you proceed to blow into the card and harmonica music is heard.

Basic Adult Version: The only difference in the handling is that a “BARTENDER” card is used instead of the “TEACHER” card. The “BARTENDER” card and the adult patter story are supplied with the trick.