The Ken Brooke Ring Trick


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original five large pages of instructions, a ring, and a matching fake ring. Page size for the instructions is 8″ x 13″.

You receive a very detailed set of instructions (with illustrations) from England’s Ken Brooke for performing this penetration illusion with a finger ring where the magician’s finger ring is placed on any one of his fingers that a spectator chooses. Then the spectator holds onto that finger while the magician’s and spectator’s hands are covered with a handkerchief. When the handkerchief is removed it is found that the ring is now resting on the magician’s open palm having apparently penetrated his finger while the spectator never let go of his fingertip!

Note: It is possible that the ring supplied may not fit your finger and you may have to purchase a replacement ring in order to perform the effect. The detailed instructions not only explain the working of the trick but more importantly the do’s and do-not’s and proper build-up prior to performing.