The New York Magic Symposium, Close-Up/Stage, Collection Two


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In near perfect condition this book showcases the works of who’s who in magic back in the 1980’s. There is a great amount of excellent material for any performer and this is a highly collectable book as well.

Table of Contents:

9 Foreword by Richard Kaufman.
11 Close Up Performers
13 Tobacco Road (Paul Gertner)
16 Penetrating Dice Stack (Paul Gertner)
21 Hard to Swallo (Patrick Martin)
25 Short Jump (Phil Goldstein)
27 Area Code (Phil Goldstein)
29 Reversible Mix Up (Frank Garcia
30 Big Fooler (Frank Garcia)
33 Floored (Michael Weber)
34 20th Century Ten (Michael Weber)
37 Keyring Card (Terry Seabrooke)
39 Torn Transformation (Charlie Miller)
43 Watch (John Kennedy)
45 Card Missile (John Kennedy)
Close Up Guest Contributors:
48 Switch on Elmsley (Derek Dingle)
50 Got You Under My Skin (John Carney)
51 Reversi (Mark Lefler)
54 Poor Man’s Card in Balloon (Mike Gallo)
56 Morlock’s Revenge (Larry Jennings)
60 Your Best Suit (Larry Jennings)
62 Tenkai Pennies Perpetuated (Sol Stone)
64 The Pop Top Catch (Piet Forton)
66 Dollar Bill Coin Fold (Steve Dusheck, Jr.)
68 Transfusion (Mono) (Jay Sankey)
70 Transfusion (Stereo) (Jay Sankey)
71 Under My Spell (Tom Mullica)
73 Sympathetic Fans (Gene Maze)
74 Okito Copper Silver (David Roth)
76 Any Floor Elevator (Jon Racherbaumer)
78 Surprise Blue Intruder (Jon Racherbaumer)
80 Flying Collectors (Ben Harris)
82 As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Reap (Harry Anderson)
83 Last Licks (J.K. Hartman)

Close Up Host Contributors:
87 License (Paul Harris
91 Sunrise (Daryl)
95 Every Everywhere (Richard Kaufman)
99 Topitized Silk to Egg (Michael Ammar)
101 Stage Performers
103 Visual Color Change (Vito Lipo)
107 One Hand Vanishing Cane (Jonathan Neal Brown)
109 The Record with the Movable Hole (Jonathan Neal Brown).
113 Sealed Cutter (Stan Allen)
115 Clean Sweep (Stan Allen)
117 Oral Gami (Patrick Martin)
119 Positive ID (Phil Goldstein)
120 Scissoring (Phil Goldstein)
122 Havanish (Charlie Miller).
124 The Croquet Cabinet (Charlie Miller)
126 Cards Across (Terry Seabrooke)

129 Stage Guest Contributors:
130 Revenge of the 20 Foot Silk Worm (John Ferrentino)
132 Semi Impromptu Silk Production (Levent)
133 Time Piece (Leslie Anderson)
134 List of NYMS Performers