The Now You See It Now You Don’t Notebook (Bill Tarr)


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This is pre-owned but it’s in very good to excellent condition throughout. The only thing that we notice is that there are a few small and light indentation marks near the upper left hand section on the front cover where perhaps someone placed a piece of paper on the surface and used the book as a writing support surface; otherwise we can’t find anything else wrong about this book to mention.

Laminated hard covers; 250 pages; 331 line drawings; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″

First edition; 1998; published by Kaufman and Company

Bill Tarr, the best-selling author whose books “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” and “The Second Now You See It, Now You Don’t”, have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and inspired several generations of beginners, has now written his first book just for you. Conceived as a post-graduate course for readers of his earlier books, it concentrates on routining, philosophy and audience-tested magic and mentalism that Bill Tarr has personally used for years. This treasure trove of routines and ideas is explained in Bill Tarr’s inimitable style, which has made him a world-famous teacher of magic.


11 Introduction
13 About the Patter

16 Chapter 1: A Few Random Thoughts on the Subject
16 Magic As Art
20 The New Information Highway
23 On the Word Commercial
25 Working Slowly
27 On Introducing Your Next Effect

30 Chapter 2: Cards
30 MacDonald’s $100 Four Aces: A logical handling
34 Midnite in Transylvania: Wild Card routine based on Peter Samelson’s “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
41 Three Card Coincidence (Maurice Fogel & Max Maven): Self working
43 Yet Another Impossible Location
45 Five Card Repeat: version of Tommy Tucker’s Six Card Repeat
48 One Deck You Do As I Do
50 Topological Routine: four tricks in one routine
60 Faucett Ross Card At A Number: By Paul Rosini by way of Faucett Ross via Lewis Ganson
64 Cards Talk to Me: Utilizing Cards At a Number
68 Close-Up Card Manipulation Routine: Color changes, split fans, etc.
73 Quickie False Cut/Shuffle – A Three-Way Utility Move: triple false cut
75 Twin Fan Location: location with a flourish
77 Double Color Change
79 One More Time: follow-up to Color Change
80 The Second One More Time: Once More
81 A Handy Utility Move
84 The Kronzek Files
84 – The Kronzek Deck Switch
84 – Walk Around
85 – The Whispering Card
86 – Whispering In Stereo
87 – An Ambitious Card Ploy
88 – Selling the Push-In Change

90 Chapter 3: Coins, Rings, and Balls
90 Diamond Ball, or the Excelsior, Little-Giant Money Making Machine: Okito Box routine
101 After Dinner Nest of Boxes
105 Dazzle: Updated version of this silent manipulative coin routine
121 Dazzle, the Seated Version
125 Ring On String
130 Foilball: Impromptu close-up multiplying ball routine

136 Chapter 4: Sleight of Mind
136 Blister: with a new slant
139 Triple Divination
142 3 Up: close-up thought reading
146 Thought Reading: no one-ahead, no force, no billets

152 Chapter 5: Ideas for Magicians
152 Ideas for Magicians: hints & tips
153 Finger Ballet
157 Performing on a Stool: Stool also works as servante, etc.
158 Audio Tape as a Practicing Tool
158 Creating Demand
159 Brainstorming
159 Balls Through Table
162 Watch-It: Crush a lady’s watch
164 A Ring Trick: Finger ring lights as you pass over the card selection
165 Tattoo
167 Hooked
169 Fan Color Change
172 A Vanishing Act
172 A Magic Magic Table For Walk Around
173 Magic Business Cards
173 Seeing With the Fingertips
174 Small Reels
174 Close-Up Self Levitation
175 Hoo Coin Improvement
175 A Thought for Restaurant Workers
175 Classic Effects in Miniature
176 What’s My Name
176 Bullet Proof
176 The Ultimate Penetration

178 Chapter 6: Blue Tac
178 Blue Tac: discussion
183 The Blue Tack Toss Vanish
184 Palm Toss Vanish
185 The Floating Coin
196 The Pull Back Vanish
187 The Invisible Change-Over Palm
188 The Elevator Vanish
190 Tuck Vanish
191 To Show Both Sides of the Coin
192 Single Coin Production
193 Cuff or Wrist Steal
194 Quickie Rising Card
196 Spooky Card Rise
198 Guess I’m Stuck On This One

200 Chapter 7: The BTS
200 The BTs/200
200 Illustration of the Various Models
201 An Easy, Make It Yourself BT One or BT Two
202 Instruction Booklet for the BT Two
203 Using the BT Two
205 Quickie Prediction Number One
207 Quickie Prediction Number Two
208 Quickie Thought Projection
210 Thought Projection
215 Sum Feat
218 Free Choice Book Test
223 Diagrammatic Thought
225 Rouge Et Noir
226 Serial Number Divination
227 Lotto
228 On the Other Side of the Card
231 Imperfection
232 Tripe Play

238 Chapter 8: The BT Two In Magic
238 The BT Two In Magic
239 The Last Card In the Wallet
243 Locked In
245 Transposition
246 The Moveable Hole
249 The Twice Torn Card