The President’s Choice (DVD and Gimmicks)


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A good assistant can make any good magician’s act appear great. With this trick, SansMinds has created an illusion that incorporates one of the Founding Fathers of the United States into your card routine! George Washington himself will come to life, and together you will create a performance that will amaze any audience! Proudly introducing another addition to SansMinds’ Worker Series, brought to you by their very own SansMinds Creative Lab.

This is The President’s Choice!

A mind-blowing twist to your everyday card routine. Get your audience to select a card, and watch the first President of the United States slip into the deck, and emerge with the correct card in his mouth. Leave your audience bewildered, and make their day even better by allowing them to keep the bill as a token of this very special moment!

The President’s Choice will surely bring laughter and amazement to your audience in this highly unique effect. They’ve never seen anything like it!

(Please note this set includes 16 stickers, with 4 different variations.)

“It’s a fun little piece that would certainly bring a smile to your audiences face.” – Paul Romhany, Reviews Vanish Magazine