The Rainbow Deck Miracle


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Effect: The magician removes a deck of playing cards from the case and shows that all the backs are the same as the cards are shuffled. After the shuffle, the random top two cards are placed down in front of a spectator. The deck is turned face-up and the cards are counted onto the table one at a time into a pile until told to stop by the spectator. The spectator places one of the face- down cards onto the pile of face-up cards at that point. The deck is reassembled and the magician counts more cards onto the table face-up until told to stop. The remaining face-down card is placed on top of the counted pile where stopped and the complete deck is reassembled once again. Now the complete deck of cards is ribbon spread face-up onto the table showing the two face-down cards. The two face-down cards and the two face-up cards next to them are removed from the spread and placed in front of the spectator. The remaining face-up cards are squared  up and placed aside for the moment.  The magician says to the spectator “Would it be a good trick if the two face-up cards chosen at random matched the two face-down cards?” Whatever the spectator’s response, the magician turns over the two face-up cards to show that the backs all match. Of course this is not very impressive and the spectator may think the performer is trying to be funny. Then the magician turns over all four cards to show that the spectator has found the mates to the selected cards!  In this case the Seven of Clubs has found the Seven of Spades and the King of Diamonds has found the King of Hearts! The spectator thinks the trick is over, but there is more! The magician says, “That was a good trick how you found the mates to the two cards selected at random, but the part that really confuses me is how you were able to find the only four red backed cards in the deck with all different picture cards!” Saying that, the magician turns over the deck of playing cards and ribbon spreads them onto the table to reveal a deck with all different pictures on their backs! End!

You receive the vintage Magic Christian deck of Rainbow Cards, an empty red Fox Lake case, and detailed instructions for performing the above routine. The Rainbow Deck can also be used for other tricks if you wish to make up your own routines. The cards are Bridge size as is the red Fox Lake card case.