The Regal Color Changing Deck


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This is a Color Changing Deck routine like no other!

Effect: The magician removes a blue-backed deck from its case and explains that every deck possesses a “button.” A card is used as a demonstration. A touch and its back turns RED. But then things take a turn….another touch and the FACE of the card changes color as well! If it was a Diamond or Heart, the pips are now BLACK. If it was a Spade or Club the pips turn RED. Another card is taken from the deck. Its back changes from blue to red… then again, its FACE changes color.

As the audience absorbs these amazing and amusing events a CHAIN REACTION takes place as the ENTIRE DECK turns from blue to red and then ALL THE FACES CHANGE as well. The red suits turn BLACK and the black suits turn RED! The magician freely passes handfuls of the cards to the astonished audience members.

Perform it in the hands or on the table. Reset time: Five seconds.

Contains a full 52-card reverse-printed deck (done by the U.S. Playing Card Company on their web press) plus all the extras required.