Three Card Monte (Poker Size)


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Simple and easy to do! Just about works by itself but sure fools everyone!

These are made up from a combination of Tally-Ho and Bicycle poker-size cards. The two outer cards are Tally-Ho Fan back cards while the middle (Monte) card has a different colored Bicycle card back for contrast.

Effect: The performer shows three cards. The two outer cards of the fan are of the same value and color and the middle card is of a contrasting value and color plus has a different colored back and design.

The fan of cards is turned over and a spectator asked to find the odd card which as far as they’re concerned is the middle card. This middle card is placed face down on the table and the other two cards are shown freely and placed aside.

When the odd card is turned face up it is found to have changed into an entirely different card which has a blank face or it can be blank face card with a message on it. This message may be a humorous one, or a sales pitch, or even an advertisement for your act.