Top Color Force


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Force any of the six colors! Use it with your Hot Rod or Mental Epic.

This is a very simple and very effective color force with a very novel prop. It will permit you to “set” your “force color” right in front of the audience, and change this as often as you wish, enabling you to repeat the effect as often as you like.

This is a simple “top” – a familiar toy, with six colored spots on it. It is given to a spectator to spin, and when it stops, the color spot towards the bottom is the “selected color,” and is entirely under your control. If you prefer, you may use the uppermost colored spot (the one uppermost when the top rests on its side) as the selected color.

The uses of this gimmicked top would be obvious for any force or prediction type effect. Because it is so easy to set you can “demonstrate” with one or two spins that a random different color comes to the bottom (or top) every time it is spun, then set it for the color you wish to force.

You can use the top for any effect where a single color is to be forced. For example for the Hot Rod effect, where you can show the colors on the top match those on your Hot Rod, then transform to your forced color. This is a little more effective than the usual “Spell-Count” Hot Rod force. It can be a very effective force for effects like Mental Epic, etc.

Working on a principle similar to the classic Clock Dial this utility prop is worth much much more than the very modest price you pay for it.