Tuff Paper (Klamm)


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You can tear it – but no one else can! A unique new approach with a great new routine!

You explain that you are going to train someone to become a real magician. You are going to show them how to do the famous Torn & Restored Newspaper trick. Which means first learning how to tear the paper properly.

Dividing a large sheet of newspaper in two, you give half to a young boy volunteer. Repeatedly, they can’t tear their sheet of paper. Repeatedly the magician can.

“Perhaps that is the piece I restored yesterday. It sometimes make them tough” says the performer. So the performer tears his piece of newspaper in half and hands it to the volunteer, but the boy still can’t tear the paper.

The performer says, “At last I have found a kid I really like. Ladies and gentleman, I want you to meet one young fellow who is not a holy tearer. Let me shake the hand of a man who is so honest he won’t even rip off a piece of paper. Maybe we should do a trick by using our heads instead of trying to tear things up. I’ll give you a riddle.”

The magician picks up a piece of newspaper and asks the boy, “What is black and white and red (read) all over? A Newspaper? You can see that he is exactly right folks. This paper is red right here.”

The magician punches a hole in the paper and extracts a bright red silk handkerchief!