TV Card Frame (Battery Operated)


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Note: This may look similar to other cheaper models you may have see online but this unit has a custom battery powered electric motor built into the base that releases the spring to shoot the card up into the plastic plates. Easy-to-operate push button activation! No awkward levers to manipulate! Uses two AA batteries that are included.

Effect: A card is selected from a deck of playing cards and noted by the spectators. It is then returned to the deck and the pack thoroughly shuffled. The magician now draws the audience’s attention to a wooden frame standing on the table. He then shows two transparent sheets of plastic bound tightly together with rubber bands. The bound sheets are then fitted on the frame. The spectators can see right through the transparent sheets. The magician holds the frame in his hands.

The deck of cards is then thrown towards the transparent sheets. The cards naturally strike the surface of the sheets and fall to the floor except one! Only one card stays stuck on the sheet whose back is facing the audience. The performer takes the transparent sheets out of the frame and asks a spectator to touch the card. When he tries, he is surprised to find that it is in between the two transparent sheets!

Dramatically the magician turns the sheets around and the card is found to be the selected one! The spectator may himself unbound the rubber bands and take out the card.

Includes painted wooden frame, two transparent plastic sheets and instructions.