Twist The Aces Plus (FT)


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One by one, an ace turns face up in a packet of four. Then the red aces switch with the black aces!

The original Twist effect is credited to George Blake. We added to this the extension of a color transposition.

Original “The Twist” routine by George Blake: The performer shows four cards (Aces) face up. He turns the packet face down and gives it a magic “twist.” One of the cards turns face up. This is turned over and another magic twist makes yet another card turn face up. This is repeated, until all four cards have turned face up, in turn, one by one !

TRANSPO ACES – An additional routine by Magician G. Sreenivas: After completing the above routine you spread a handkerchief on the table. Take the cards face up and show them again – there are two black cards and two red cards, all face up. Turn the cards face down. A magic twist, and the black Aces turn face up. Deal the face up Aces on the table. Ask spectator to hold the two face down cards between his hands. They are obviously red, as the black cards are already dealt face up on the table. Take the tabled face up black cards and place them under the handkerchief. Snap your fingers, and ask the spectator to turn over the pair of face down cards which he is holding. SURPRISE ! they are black. Lift away the handkerchief to reveal the two red cards!

Supplied complete with the four special poker-size cards, and detailed instructions.