Two Card Monte (Import)


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The performer shows and spreads out two cards. One card is face up and the other face down.  The face up card is named and then the spread is turned over to show the face of the second and different card. This card is also called out by name.

The performer takes one of the face up cards and places it behind his back and then asks the spectators what the name of the face down card is that is remaining in view.

The card named by the spectators turns out to be the card being held by the magician behind his back while the card in full view ends up being the card the spectators saw the magician place behind his back!

You can repeat this effect for as long as you feel it necessary. The card the spectators think is in the front of the magician always ends up being the card behind the performer’s back!

Easy to do!

The trick cards do all the work for you!