Michael Skinner’s Ultimate 3 Card Monte (Red Back Bicycle)


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In one evening you can master Michael Skinner’s version of this classic card swindle without resorting to sleight of hand.

His vast working repertoire, larger perhaps than any other magician in history, contained some of the most difficult sleight-of-hand tricks imaginable. Yet, one of his pet tricks, a feature of his close-up act at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas where he performed for two decades, is this self-working miracle the “Ultimate 3 Card Monte”. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it almost works by itself; Michael Skinner fried audiences with this routine!

After he released the secret, the “Ultimate 3 Card Monte” found itself into the working repertoires of professional close-up magicians all over the world. And now it can be yours! Fits right in your pocket or wallet. You will carry this with you everywhere you go!

Specially Printed Gimmicks
Bicycle Back Cards printed by USPCC
Online Instructions
Original Handing
You will also receive bonus handlings and ways to make this legendary effect even more organic and powerful than ever.