Ultimate Shocking Pen (Tenyo) T-214


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This is new, but the package has been opened at the bottom. Comes with the original English packaging and instructions.

Effect: This brilliant magic trick enables the magician to stab a pen through a dollar bill, and instantly restore the bill. Tenyo has obtained manufacturing rights from creator Doug Edwards and has produced the prop with a brand new mechanism. Slip this into your pocket, and you’ll always be ready with the ultimate pocket trick!

This version is true to its name, it is really ultimate! Nothing to add or remove, nothing to hide. The pen that the public can examine is the one that pierces through the bill during the presentation. Also unlike some models already on sale the Tenyo pen is much more realistic because the part that penetrates the bill is much longer and it is definitely more realistic. The locking system is extremely ingenious and fits in a completely natural way during the presentation.

Very effective and if you do buy only one, take the version from Tenyo without hesitation.