Ultra Light (Jeff Stewart)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original instructions and light gimmick which no longer works. The previous owner has supplied a different light gimmick that apparently works the effect like the original. The original gimmick was painted flesh color. This replacement light gimmick is black in color and you may find it needs to be painted a flesh color as well. Selling this outfit as is.

Effect: A light bulb, which can be borrowed, is resting in your cupped outstretched hand. The socket end of the bulb is up and away from your hands and fingers. Suddenly the bulb begins to flicker and then it lights! The bulb goes out and it can immediately be handed out for examination!

Note: This is not the well know Atomic Lamp trick. The method is completely different. And as stated above, the bulb can actually be borrowed.