Unknown Lollipop or Traffic Light Trick???


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. No instructions. We haven’t had any luck in researching this effect for an original trade name or its working. Maybe someone out there is familiar with this outfit and has a use for it.

The outfit is constructed from wood and is painted black with reflective tape accents. The frame measures 14 inches long and stands 5-5/8 inches tall. The removable red cover or door measures 14 inches long and stands 5 inches tall and fits into a grove in the frame. The red is a reflective tape.

There are three large circular windows cut out of the frame to expose three different colored (we call them) lollipops, one red, one green, and one yellow. The two end lollipops (the red and green) are fixed in position. The middle (yellow) lollipop can be removed from the frame and shown around. Hidden behind the red lollipop is a second yellow lollipop that is fixed to a secret sliding section and allows you to slide this hidden yellow lollipop to the center of the frame.

Knowing this we assume the basic effect is that the red cover is removed to reveal the three lollipops. The yellow lollipop is removed, the red cover replaced and the hidden yellow lollipop is secretly slid into position. Now the removed yellow lollipop is caused to vanish (by your favorite method) and when the red cover is removed the vanished yellow lollipop is found back inside the frame.

All the above is only our guess as to how this outfit may be used. Perhaps because of the colors of the lollipops some sort of traffic light routine could be performed. Each  lollipop measures approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter and stands 4 inches tall.

This entire outfit is in wonderful pre-owned condition.

Selling as is.