Using Magic In Drug & Alcohol Prevention Presentations (Christopher A. Manos)


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This booklet contains eleven award-winning, audience tested drug prevention routines which are completely scripted.

The professional magic tricks were selected to give maximum effect with little or no practice. Just concentrate on the dialogue.

Topics/Tricks include:

Torn and Restored “No” (Comedy Warm-Up”)

The Fishbowl Trick

Watch Your Step (Tobacco Abuse)

Change Bag (Peer Influence)

Growing Sponge Ball

Crystal Silk Cylinder (Self-Esteem)

Blok-Kord (Releasing From The Bonds Of Abuse And Addiction)

Tricky Bottles

Vanishing Coke Bottle

Slush Powder

The Hundred Dollar Bill Switch.

Soft covers, staple bound, 31 pages, copyright 1991.