Vernet Flying Ribbon


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Here is a vintage Vernet item that is no longer being produced. This is new old stock, never used, from an old magic shop buy-out.

Effect: The magician shows a length of orange colored ribbon and pokes it into his left hand. The right hand makes a suspicious move towards the right pants pocket. The performer asks the audience where they think the ribbon is.

Some spectators will say its in the magician’s right pants pocket while others will say it’s still in his left hand. The magician proves that’s it’s still in his left hand by showing the ribbon.

The ribbon is pushed back into the left hand and without any suspicious moves whatsoever the magician once again asks the spectators where they think the ribbon is now.

Whatever the audience’s answer is (in his left hand or in his right pants pocket) both magician’s hands are shown to be completely empty and the ribbon is reproduced not from the right pants pocket but from his left pants pocket for a complete surprise!

A fun trick to perform!

You receive all the necessary ribbons and gimmick plus complete detailed instructions.