Vintage Adams’ Black Money Maker With Green Box


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This came from an old magic shop buy-out. The “Money Maker” is colored black instead of the more common color red and the packaging box is colored green.

Comes with the original instructions and the blank pieces of paper as originally supplied.

The green box has some shelf wear from years of being in storage and being moved about.

Effect: A blank strip of paper rolled into the money maker mysteriously turns into a currency note! You just display the blank paper and feed it between the rollers from the back, turn the knob, and a real dollar bill emerges from the front, creating a perfect illusion of printing your own money! This one dollar bill can be fed back into the Money Maker and it comes out printed into a five dollar bill! Then the five is turned into a ten dollar bill.

Included are a few blank strips of paper and operating instructions. You supply your own money.