Vintage Ball and Tube Mystery (West Germany)


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From an old magic shop buy-out. New old stock! Never used!

The original instructions are missing but we will include some from a more current version in case you are not familiar with the basic working.

This vintage version has a taller tube and a built-in inner tube stop unlike the more modern versions currently on the market.

Effect: A metal tube and solid steel ball are offered for examination. The ball is LARGER than the diameter of the tube but the magician causes the ball to magically shrink and slowly sink into the tube. Then the ball is caused to grow once again as it rises up from the tube and then rests on top as in the beginning.

Then the magician causes the ball to shrink once again and fall back inside the tube where the tube and ball are given to a spectator for examination. They will find the ball is permanently smaller than at the beginning and they will not be able to make the ball increase in size so as to be able to become larger than the tube.

A really splendid and classic pocket trick!