Vintage Chinese Egg Bag Mat Style 1 (E-Z Magic)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase.  Good pre-owned condition. You receive the oriental mat pictured along with the prepared wooden egg and original instructions. The original packaging envelope is not included and is the way we received the trick.

The “Chinese Egg Bag” was developed by Joe Karson, the same creator who came up with the famous floating Zombie Ball.

Effect: An oriental mat is shown on both sides, then folded in half to form a bag. An egg is dropped inside. The mat is opened and shown on both sides. The egg has completely vanished! Once again the mat is folded and out comes the egg! As a wonderful climax the egg is again dropped into the folded mat from where it vanishes and changes into a real lemon!

Note: Please do not confuse this item with the regular cloth-type egg bag as this uses an entirely different method!