Vintage Four-Page Magic Ad Flyer – DeLage & Margaret


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Front page reads:

The World’s Fastest Magicians

DeLage and Margaret


Whirlwind Wizardry

More Than A Trick A Minute

You Won’t Believe What You See

Inside pages show pictures of the two entertainers plus a large write-up which includes the names of some of their featured mysteries like:

The Mystery of the Vanishing Girl

Rollo the Rambling Rabbit

The Million Dollar Houdini Trunk Mystery

Plus credits like working on television with Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle, plus lots more!

Back page is full of comments from the New York Times; Boston Daily Record; New York Post; Press Cleveland, and six others.

Good condition with some creases; there are no torn or missing sections; no stains or handwriting on the pages; good clean condition; measures 8-1/2 X 11 inches in size.