Vintage Hokus Pokus Animal Hunter (Fun Inc.)


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This is vintage new old stock from Fun, Inc. and comes with its original packaging header with instructions.

Effect: Ask your friend to look at the cardboard wheel and think of any one of the seven animals they see; Pig, Monkey, Alligator, Zebra, Elephant, Goat or Ostrich. Turn the wheel over and put a mini magic wand into one of the holes. When you put the wand into the first hole ask your friend to say to themselves (not out loud) the first letter in the name of the animal they thought of. When you move it to another hole, ask them to think of the second letter, and so on, spelling the animal to themselves, a letter for each hole. When the spelling is completed, they say “Stop”. You leave the wand in the hole and turn the wheel over. The wand is in the section containing the very animal your friend thought of!