Vintage Multiplying Eggs Model 1 Box Flap Missing (E-Z Magic)


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This came from an old magic shop purchase. Never used; new old stock. The top of the packaging box has a little shelf wear from previous price stickers that were applied and removed plus the flap to the top of the box is missing and a replacement piece of cardboard has been attached so as to allow the top of the box to remain closed. (see pictures) Complete with everything as originally sold plus instructions.

Effect: The magician produces what appears to be a large number of eggs from an empty handkerchief. As each egg is produced it is visually seen to fall into a hat or other receptacle. As each egg is produced the handkerchief is shown to be completely empty before another egg is produced. For a surprise finish all the eggs are shown to have completely vanished from the hat or whatever other type receptacle may have been used. An alternative finish is to have all the eggs change into a bouquet of spring flowers, spring bills, etc.

Note: You receive the items pictured including instructions. You must supply your own hat or other receptacle, spring bills, spring flowers, etc.