Vintage Original Hen Fetsch’s “Wallet Wallop” From Repro 71 London


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This came from an old magician’s estate. Very good condition. Comes complete with the two vinyl wallets, the two special bridge-size cards, and the original Repro 71 instructions. We are including a complete deck of cards that match the two special cards.

Effect: The spectator peeks at a card. It immediately vanishes from the deck and is found in the magician’s wallet! The magician gathers up the cards and asks the spectator to peek at another card. Again it immediately vanishes from the deck. The spectator picks up and opens the magician’s wallet, inside is the selected card!

Hen Fetsch’s “Wallet Wallop” plays pretty much the way it reads. The handling is very straight forward. The cards are over hand shuffled until the spectator says stop, at which point the deck is cut, the top stock placed on the table, the magician lifting the top card of the bottom stock so the spectator can get a peek at it. The wallet is a simple vinyl ID wallet with a transparent compartment on each side. The cards are plainly seen in the wallet.

In fact the spectator can open the wallet each time and remove the card, although in the routine supplied the magician removes the card the first time, the spectator doing so the second time.

Wallet Wallop is an easy routine for the spectator to follow and the magician to work.

Note: The two special cards pictured may differ from the ones you receive because we have two sets of this effect currently in stock.